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Achieve better outcomes, with Reli

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About Us

Introducing Reli

The first and only Patient Recovery Process Partner.

Famly owned business for over 30 years with national clients

For over 35 years we have worked to ensure each injured worker gets the attention, care and follow-up needed, throughout the entire recovery process. 

Let us demonstrate how our proprietary suite of services decrease care delivery delays and medical costs to achieve better outcomes for all.

Reli. With you every step.   

Why Reli on Us

Better Outcomes for All

As the only Patient Recovery Process Partner, we provide:

  • Unparalleled Communication - From appointment scheduling to sharing doctors notes, we keep all communication lines open, so there are no more costly care delays -- you're always in the know
  • Team Reli Experts - No more lags in care. Our experts anticipate challenges and keep care progressing
  • Demonstrated Value - We provide ongoing access and reporting on time and cost savings via your custom dashboard
A young woman enjoying the benefit of WC 360 unparalelled communicatin, expert coordination and commitment to recovery

Reli. With you every step.

Reli has also created the Reli Edge Network, an esteemed network of physicians who prioritize the care of injured workers, for a safer and quicker return to work. 


We Can Help.

Whether you’re an Adjuster, Provider, Payor, Employer or Employee, navigating workers compensation can be overwhelming.

At Reli, our experts track, troubleshoot and overcome challenges every day, to ultimately improve outcomes.
You get access to it all via a transparent dashboard we create for your team.
Reli. With you every step.

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See how we can help achieve better outcomes.

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