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The Reli Edge Network

The Reli Edge Network is a committed network of specialists who prioritize the care of injured workers.

That's because at Reli, we know that expedited medical care and follow-up directly impact the recovery process. 

So we welcome esteemed workers compensation specialists to apply to become part of the Reli Edge Network.


Here's how to apply:

Step 1 Complete this online application form (below).

Step 2 We’ll contact you within two weeks to begin the contracting and credentialing process.

Step 3 After credentialing/contracting, you'll get an official Reli Edge Network Welcome Packet.


Please complete this form to begin the contracting and credentialing process with the Reli Edge Network.


  • All fields are required.

  • This form is for individual care providers only. 

  • Only submit one form per care provider regardless of the number of specialties or locations.

Practitioner Specialty Contact Information
(We will direct credentialing questions or information to this person)

I hereby attest that all of the information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any information provided pursuant to this attestation that is subsequently found to be untrue and/or incorrect could result in the care provider applicant’s termination from the Reli Edge Network.

Thank you for applying. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

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